Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Episode 4: The Arrival

In this episode (you guessed it), we recap episode 4 of Fringe called "The Arrival" which aired on 9/30/08. We delve into the mysteries of Creepy Bald Guy (also known as The Observer, but whom we will continue to refer to as Creepy Bald Guy because it's cooler) and touch on other mysteries as well.

Imagine the Impossibilities: Episode 4

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Todd said...

Can you make your feed available in either xml or zune format...thanks i would like to listen but its a pain to download each pc as they come out

Imagine The Impossibilities said...

Hey Todd. First off, thanks for listening to Imagine the Impossibilities! We're kinda new to this podcasting and feed thing, but I believe you can get the XML version of our feed at Give that a shot and let us know if that works for you. If not, I will look into doing it manually.